Roadside Madness - The Championship - Vote for your favourite Roadside Attraction?

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Roadside Madness – Championship

And so we’ve come to the final stretch of Roadside Madness. Today you choose which roadside beauty is going to be named the ultimate attraction to pass by while taking a Manitoba road trip.

This week has seen a whirlwind of activity. There have been clear cut winners in each round and a few intense showdowns (we’re looking at you Coke Can vs. Smoking Pipe). And we’ve seen a Cinderella story emerge in the WILD. Sara the Camel, an animal that doesn’t even come from anywhere near Canada, let alone Manitoba, has outlasted every beast that’s been thrown at her and come up smiling (and probably spitting too). Really, we should have seen this coming, you can never underestimate the endurance of a camel. Good job, girl! Sara took out all of Manitoba’s natural wildlife animals, and yesterday, she started out slow against a very popular and very Happy Rock, but late in the game she shifted into high gear and left the Rock tumbling in her Spirit Sands dust. He’s not so happy today.

The Viking Ship put up a good fight in the competition, but going against Flintabbatey was like taking on a hurricane without anyone at the helm. The ship hit the hard rocks of Flin Flon, so to speak.

But today, it’s all about Sara the Camel and Flintabbatey! One is a Cinderella story, the other a juggernaut. We’ve got a spitting, battle-worn camel in one corner and a submarine driving prospector in the other. Which one is going to go the distance? Start voting now…

Roadside Madness - Vote for the Champion!


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Voting will close at midnight tonight (Central Time).

Come back to the blog tomorrow (March 27) to see which Roadside Attraction wins Roadside Madness!

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51 Responses to Roadside Madness – Championship

  1. Timothy says:

    i think if flinty wins, Glenboro should redesign with Flinty having a ride on Sara lol

  2. Andrew says:

    I vote for Sara the Camel!

  3. dianne graham says:

    I love Sara, she represents the best of Glenboro, and being so close to the Carberry Desert, why not a Camel, Go Sara Go

  4. jayden says:

    only and hour and a half away! let’s go Flinty:)

  5. Crystal Kolt says:

    Kirsten, I just want to thank you for this! We have been having a ton of fun tonight! We have called all of our relatives, including Tante Dolores in Montreal, we have touched base with all of our siblings, nieces and nephews. Called far away friends including Jason in New York. Spoke with friends that we haven’t spoken to in years. What a great idea. Our house is set up as if for some election headquarters… all phones and computers are calling and sharing messages. So finally… Go FLINTY Go!

  6. Lana says:

    Go Flinty!!!!!

  7. irene says:

    I wouldn’t have known anything about this. But I recieved an email from Austin about it . It would have been nice to be in this from the beginning. I think Austin is a great place to spend a week of my summer. The ones of us that go have a lot of close connections relating to the threshermen’s reunion and are happy to see each other whenever we can. We are one big family.

  8. Crystal Kolt says:

    Hi Kirsten, Crystal Kolt here from Flin Flon! Want to thank you for this! We have been having a ball this evening! Have called virtually every relative we have. Spoken to our Aunt in Montreal who we haven’t had the chance to speak to for quite some time. Touched base with old friends and checked in with siblings! Great fun! Sarah is a great roadside attraction but… GO FLINTY GO!

  9. Leeanna says:

    Go Sara go!

  10. jayden says:

    Flin Flon all the way!

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