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Manitoba Whiteout

The Winnipeg Jets are in the playoffs for the first time since their return! In honour of the Winnipeg Whiteout we’re counting down Manitoba’s contributions to the whiteout party.

1. White bears

Polar bears

Manitoba’s ursine icon is the great white bear. In fact, the Winnipeg Polar Bears were among the rumoured names for the Jets 2.0. See polar bears splashing about at the Journey to Churchill exhibit at the Assiniboine Park Zoo or in the wild in Churchill.

2. White whales

Beluga whales

Thousands of white beluga whales can be seen in the Churchill River estuary every summer. These friendly whales will splash around your boat or kayak and you can listen to their chirps and clicks using a hydrophone. If you listen closely you might be able to hear them chanting “Go Jets Go”.

3. White water

White water on the Bloodvein

For a truly wild ride, tackle the rapids on the Bloodvein River. This popular paddling destination will take you through Manitoba’s untouched boreal forest. But keep an eye out because the river’s many rapids aren’t marked by flags and they’ll hit harder than Jets’ Dustin Byfuglien along the boards.

4. White sand

Grand Beach

The stretches of soft white sand make Grand Beach THE place to be on a hot summer day. Make a sand castle, bury dad, or climb the dunes that reach up to 12 metres tall. That’s almost as tall as defenceman Tyler Myers (jk, he’s a puny 6’8”).

5. White owls

Snowy Owl

Photo by Bert de Tilly

While the Great Gray owl may be our provincial bird, the snowy owl is always an exciting spotting for bird lovers. Watch for these beauties at Oak Hammock Marsh during migration seasons (on the hockey calendar, that’s preseason and the end of regular season), or up north in Churchill during nesting season (off season).

6. White bridge

Esplanade Riel

Rising 57 metres above the Red River below it, the Esplanade Riel connects The Forks with St. Boniface. This cable-stayed pedestrian bridge built in 2003 has become an identifying symbol for the city of Winnipeg. The bridge is named for Louis Riel, “the Father of Manitoba,” although he doesn’t get a shout out during the anthem at Jets’ home games.

7. White clouds

Image by @neecoena

Image by @neecoena

Our wide open prairie skies are the perfect blank canvas for puffy white clouds. Lie down on the grass and look up – you might see the shapes of goalie Ondrej Pavelec making a huge save or forward Blake Wheeler knocking home the winning goal.

8. White fish

Shore Lunch walleye

One of the most plentiful fish in Manitoba’s waterways, the walleye or pickerel, as its most commonly called here, is delicious. Whether it’s being fried up lakeside or served on a pizza or over risotto, walleye is known for its white, tender and flaky flesh. Maybe we’ll see it as an option for a topping on a Jumbo Jet Dog next season.

9. White shell

Image of Whiteshell Petroforms by David Johnson

Image of Whiteshell Petroforms by David Johnson

Whiteshell Provincial Park is one of Manitoba’s most popular parks for campers, cottagers and nature lovers. The park’s name comes from the cowrie shells (small sea snail shells) that were used in ceremonies by the Anishinaabe and other First Nations. Ceremonies still take place at the park’s Bannock Point Petroforms, honouring the traditions of the past. And Jets fans are ready to honour the traditions of their past with the last item on our list….


Winnipeg Jets Whiteout

The last time there was a Winnipeg Jets Whiteout was 1996


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    Very creative and fun article. Grabs your attention and highlights Manitoba sights you take for granted. Good work!

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