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It’s Beluga Week!

Yep, we’re doing it. We’re all about the beluga whale this week in Manitoba (#BelugaWeek). We’ve got a huge crush on those smiling sea mammals up in Hudson Bay, so we’re going to be sharing love notes about the unsung singing belugas of Churchill.

Check back here and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all week long to embrace the blubber. But for today, we thought a few basic beluga facts would start the week off right…

Beluga whale infographic

If you were up in Churchill, which beluga experience would you do? Zodiac? Kayak? Snorkel? All three? Tell us in the comments!

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8 Responses to It’s Beluga Week!

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  2. Donna Lee says:

    Would LA-HOVE to return home to Churchill and do kayaking with the Belugas Whales again! The last time was in 2005! The whales were so curious and were bumping the kayak on both sides while I laughed & laughed! One I’m pretty sure laughed back as it turned and sprayed me! The more I laughed the more they followed it was so beautiful! Would sing Beatles songs to them, was a day of happiness and one I can only dream of doing again!

    • Kirsten Neil says:

      What a wonderful memory, Donna! We’ve heard from numerous people that beluga whales love the Beatles! Add choosing Manitoba for their summer vacation spot and you could say belugas are the whales with the best taste. 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    I read elsewhere that there are strict national guidelines to stay 100 meters away from whales in Canada. Does this policy not apply in Manitoba?

    • Kirsten Neil says:

      Hi Michelle, There are proposed changes to how close you can get to belugas in Churchill, but they haven’t been approved yet. Because belugas are such sociable and curious animals, they generally seek out the boats.

      Update: The federal government decided not to put those proposed regulations in effect.

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