Manitoba’s big skies will blow your mind

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27 Manitoba sky photos that will blow your mind

Yeah, we hear it all the time, “Manitoba is so flat.” You know what else is flat? The thinking that there’s not much to see in a land where you can actually see forever. And most locals will tell you one of the best places to look when you’re here is UP. We don’t just do sweet sunrises and stunning sunsets, we bring a whole lotta intensity in between. Big fluffy clouds or big nasty clouds, hot sun rays or cold sun dogs, booming thunder or cracking lightning, northern lights or OMG NORTHERN LIGHTS!!! We have all the sky fun here.

Plus, it doesn’t matter if you are in the wide-open prairies, the heart of downtown Winnipeg, or the rugged tundra, Manitoba’s skies are clean and clear. There aren’t many places left in the world that can brag about that. So take a deep breath and get ready to be amazed…

We start at the dawn, a blasting good one.


Where our land comes to colourful life under a golden sun.

All sun today in #Churchill!  #ExploreMB photo via @gimlimark

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Vibrant skies are an everyday thing here.


From stark days on the tundra.


To lush nights on the water.

A truly magical sight. ✨ Colourful aurora in Gimli. Amazing photo by @ajbatac! #exploremb #explorecanada

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From starry nights on the plains.

The night sky shines over a prairie sentinel. Stunning #exploremb moment via @winterhawk_ig. #explorecanada #prairies

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To bright sun dogs over frozen land.


We don’t do boring.

"Watching a sunset is boring" … said no one ever. This lovely moment was captured by @305ivemm. #exploremb #explorecanada

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We’re full of big fluffy clouds of happiness.


And vivid clouds full of brilliant energy.

A brilliant sky of crimson and gold. Incredible shot by @austin.mackay #exploremb #explorecanada

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Until those dark ones roll in.

Stormy days on the Manitoba prairie. Stunning capture by @winterhawk_ig! #exploremb #explorecanada

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And kinda start to scare the crap out of us.


Like, mesmerize and terrify at the same time.


And makes us seek shelter. Pronto.

Staring down a prairie storm. Incredible photo by @josephkoensgen. #exploremb #explorecanada

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Because it’s always better when the storm is over there.


When the crazy passes, we bust out the rainbows.


Our lakes sparkle under the big blue sky.


While also being a colourful kaleidoscope of infinite reflection.

Where sky and water mingle. Exceptional capture in Riding Mountain National Park by @austin.mackay! #exploremb #explorecanada

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Once the day begins to dim.

Pink skies at night. Stunning sunset moment by @theaustinmackay. #exploremb #explorecanada

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Our dreamy sunsets will make you sigh.


And enjoy the last gasps of the day.

Sunset swim. Over the weekend, @chermum enjoyed one last dip in the lake for the season. #exploremb #explorecanada

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And what a gasp it will be.

A fiery tundra sunset. Stunning #exploremb moment from @travelingwithmarilyn. #explorecanada @explorecanada

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Then it’s time to cuddle up and get ready for the late show.


Because even our night skies will enchant you.


With a broad spectrum of colours that will move you.


We’ve truly got the whole darn sky package.

Our skies are a prize. #exploremb moment taken in Monument Bay by @colemoszy. #explorecanada @explorecanada

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So, thumbs up and keep looking up!

Happy Tuesday!  Make it a great one and go #ExploreMB. Manitoba sky photo via @airick2

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Have you captured amazing sky moments in Manitoba?
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12 Responses to 27 Manitoba sky photos that will blow your mind

  1. Nancy says:

    Wow! Looking at these photos and your poignant brief captions, made the cold weather ahead this weekend so much more bearable! Born & raised here, left for 22 years. There were times when I felt I couldn’t breathe because I missed the openness of the prairie landscape. Thank-you.

  2. Maria says:

    This is one of the many reasons I returned to Manitoba!

  3. Karen says:

    Yes! I’m a sucker for big sky and this certainly does not disappoint. More please!

  4. Wendy Gainsborough says:

    Absolutely breathtaking & I certainly have experienced equally beautiful skies…. There is nothing better anywhere in the world for drama & colour!!

  5. Irene MacCready says:

    My family, (two daughters born there) lived in Winnipeg in Wildwood Park for 17 wonderful years, transferred from Nova Scotia. We arrived two weeks before Christmas, my husband stepped off the plane wearing a raincoat and rubbers to 19 degrees below Zero. Our summer holidays were spent all over Manitoba, especially in Riding National Park, camping and renting cottages, further west and east in all the wonderful lakes region. Beautiful warm, sunny summer weather; and crisp snowy, sunny winters with no rain. Skied down the river banks near the Wildwood Golf Club. Each area in Winnipeg had a Community Centre with activities for adults and children all year long. Very happy memories and wonderful lasting friendships.

  6. Joe/Marlene Ottenbreit says:

    Breathtaking, beautiful pictures. Next to Saskatchewan , Manitoba is my favorite province.

  7. Karen Birtwhistle says:

    Awesome pictures… Manitoba

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