Fall at the Forks

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An ode to fall at The Forks

Oh fall, lovely fall at The Forks! The hustle and bustle of summer’s youthful enthusiasm has slowed down and matured into the golden splendour of autumn. This quiet season of “mists and mellow fruitfulness” should not be missed at one of Winnipeg’s great public spaces.

Crisp mornings give way to warm afternoons. The low autumn sun shines through the golden foliage while the already fallen leaves rustle and crunch underfoot. And the varied paths of this place will have you winding up in places you had no idea existed — there’s a pleasant surprise around every bend. This place shines with beauty and originality in every season.

With the help of my poet friend, Chuck Ibezimako, here is our ode to fall at the Forks…

Fall at the Forks

Fall. Did your name emanate,
From everything falling?

That ought be sad as part of you turn and die, as
All the leaves fall from the tree, leaving the branches
Bare against the bitter windy cold.

Fall at the Forks

Rather it seems the leaves and everything else blush
And beam with strange but brilliant and colourful beauty.

Fall at the Forks

As if to say to the ground: Falling, yessss,
Am falling in love with you.

Fall at the Forks

Fall at the Forks

Happy autumn, everyone! 🍂 🍃 Hope you get a chance to see the season’s bursting beauty at this special place before the snow flies.

To find out what’s coming up at The Forks this fall, check out their Events Calendar.

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