Wolf statues in Thompson Manitoba

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Manitoba meet cute

Manitoba is known for its friendly people. But if you’re looking for someone to be more than just a friend, here are some Manitoba events and attractions where love is in the air.

Maple taffy tryst

You and some pals are experiencing the joie de vivre of the Festival du Voyageur. You venture over to the Sugar Shack to sample this sweet treat. You begin rolling your maple taffy on your stick only to realize that a cute stranger has rolled their stick on the opposite end of the same taffy! Laughs are shared and a connection is made, as you each insist the other take the two-stick-taffy.

If you don’t find yourself in a maple taffy tangle, head over to the Université Saint-Boniface Portage Tent on February 13 at 8 pm for the official Festival du Voyageur Singles Night (18+). DJ Co-Op and Françoise Therrien Vrignon will supply the music, and games and competitions will get you mingling.


A real catch

ice fishing heartYou’re all geared up for a day of ice fishing on the Red River in Selkirk. You know this is a great place to land master greenback walleye. You’ve dropped down your small jig and watch as your bobber signals some action. You reel in only to find that this trophy has chomped down on two hooks – the second belonging to the angler with the warm smile who insists you take the catch.

This scene may only happen in movies, but for real life ice fishing action, sign up for fishing derby at Selkirk Park on February 27. There are hourly cash prizes, but the real catch might not be a fish!


Downhill darling

You’re spending the day carving the slopes at Asessippi Ski Area and Resort. You’re about to hop onto the chair lift when a rude snowboarder cuts in front of you. You see the same scoundrel at the bottom of the hill and you’re ready to give them a piece of your mind. Until you realize they’re holding out a hot chocolate, with an apology on their lips and a smile in their eyes.

Plan to find your own downhill darling during the events happening on the hill during Rail Wars on February 13, with Family Weekend activities continuing – including fireworks (how romantic!) on February 14 – until Monday.


Howlin’ hottie

Wolf statues in Thompson ManitobaYou’re in Thompson hot on the tracks of the elusive wolf. You’ve followed Spirit Way, the 2.5 km trail that features beautiful wolf sculptures and takes you to important and scenic points of interest in the city. Suddenly, you hear the howl you’ve been waiting for coming from around the bend. You follow the hauntingly beautiful noise only to find it’s not a wolf, but a fellow wolf-lover, whose intense gaze reveals an instant bond.

If you don’t find a howlin’ hottie on the Spirit Way trail, be sure to check out Thompson’s Heritage North Museum, where you can learn about Aboriginal culture, natural history and the city’s mining heritage. This area also has loads of snowmobile trails to meet up with other outdoor enthusiasts at popular destinations like Paint Lake Provincial Park.


Nonsuch dreamboat

Finding love on the Nonsuch at the Manitoba MuseumYou’re spending the day learning about Manitoba’s human and natural history at the Manitoba Museum. You’re admiring the fact that the Nonsuch, the 17th century ship replica, actually travelled 14,000 km of fresh and salt water before landing at the Museum. You’re so lost in thought that you trip down the steps into the hold of the ship, only to be caught by a dreamboat with eyes as blue as the Hudson Bay.

If you don’t land a dreamboat on the Nonsuch, mingle with like-minded nature lovers at the Museum’s Adult Evening on February 11. Tour the Earth Explorers exhibit and see some of National Geographic’s most famous images displayed and deconstructed by expert photographers. Bring your own camera and go on safari in the Museum Galleries with an expert guide who will show you how to capture images of wildlife in the field.

Do you have a Manitoba meet cute story? Share in the comments below!

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3 Responses to Manitoba meet cute

  1. Alexis says:

    This is so good, thanks Todd!

  2. Todd Scott says:

    Hi Travel Manitoba,
    After reading your meet / cute article and the bachelor home town meeting I was laughing and thinking of all the post breakup spots that Manitoba has. I hope you like it.

    Post Breakup Manitoba Hot Spots.
    A few things are inevitable in the world. Taxes, Death and the preferred resting state of the universe is that I’m painfully single. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to try and change this. Unfortunately the universe is very good at maintaining the status quo.
    So after a bad blind date or end of a relationship, I’m always happy to know that Manitoba will always love me and help to heal my broken heart. I know “Toby” has my back.
    The site of MANY horrible first dates. That isn’t Stella’s fault and in fact her food and atmosphere makes a painfully awkward situation quite palatable. Mexican breakfast is my go to and guacamole can fix any heartache. Maybe the universe is telling me I should start dating exclusively women named Stella?!
    The Forks River walk
    The walk of shame?! No, the walk of reflection to figure out what went wrong this time on the date. Talking about how I think my cat is telepathic and was very judgmental in my choice of sweat pants for this date, may not have been the best choice.
    After she received an emergency phone call about her grandmother being abducted by aliens. I have time to wander along the river and have a moment of tranquility in the heart of the city. Listening to the wind rustling the leaves and watching the light bounce off the water, I feel centered and ready to see what flows into my life next. Probably mini- donuts… I can grab a bag at the Forks before I get back to my car.
    Henderson Highway and Half Moon.
    Speaking about my car, driving out Henderson Hwy following the river is another way to find the path to my inner bliss, while having access in a climate controlled environment with kick ass toons to get my groove on. It would be even better in a convertible. Apparently my last date had that same idea and her new boyfriend just passed me in his shiny new sports car.
    Luckily the Half Moon has my back and a hot dog, fries and large milkshake can fix almost any problems. Plus being in Lockport, I can try my hand at real fishing instead of on plenty of fish.
    Brandon Hills
    My ex-girlfriends were constantly telling me that our relationship were getting flat and soon leave for Calgary where there’s apparently more ups and downs. But hiking the Brandon Hills, gives me a new perspective on the situation and see the patchwork of colour and a meandering path that flows through it all… There is nothing wrong with flat. I don’t hear people complaining about having a flat stomach. In this case it is clearly “her” and not me that is the problem.
    Osborn Village and Baked Expectations.
    Post breakup what are my expectations?! Cake, definitely cake! Add in a big scoop of people watching out the window and I can see my options and know there is always another day and another date. How could life be anything but awesome with a big slice of Tia Maria Torte! It is a cake made of cookies with held together with copious amounts of whip cream and doused with a coffee liquor. The advantage of being single is I don’t have to share a single crumb with nobody!
    In any case, whatever the universe throws at me, I know Manitoba will have my back. Thanks Toby!

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