Festival Madness - Final Four

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Festival Madness – Final Four

Stop the presses! We have a four way Cinderella story happening here! Problem is, the Fairy Godmother only has one pair of Festival Madness glass slippers to give, which means the next round of voting is going to be intense.

After yesterday’s vote, the lumberjacks of Trappers’ bested the Cossacks of Ukrainian, Countryfest’s cowboy boots were set afire by Fire & Water, the Winter Fair was bombarded by Morden’s Corn & Apples, and the Fringe was toppled by the knights of Cooks Creek. All of the races were pretty close, not a runaway in the bunch. Fantastic job, voters!

dis gonna be gudAs we enter the last couple of days of Festival Madness, I think we can all agree that we ❤️❤️❤️ our fab fests! The “last events standing” won their division and are itching to advance. We have Culture-rific’s Trappers’ taking on Music-licious’ Fire & Water and Fair-tastic’s Corn & Apple taking on Wacky-ish’s Medieval Fest.

So start your voting engines, because these beasts wantno, NEEDyour vote…

Festival Madness - Final Four

The Final Four

This poll has been closed.

Trappers' Festival (The Pas) vs. Fire & Water (Lac du Bonnet)

This poll has been closed.

Morden Corn & Apple Festival vs. Medieval Festival (Cooks Creek)

Come back to the blog tomorrow (March 24) to see the results of the FINAL FOUR and vote for the CHAMPION.

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6 Responses to Festival Madness – Final Four

  1. Sinclair James says:

    When did this contest start? I didn’t see Flin Flon Trout Festival as an option? Keeping it in the North, I will vote for The Pas Trappers’ Festival. We will let you have this one The Pas as we never got a chance to enter ….. LOL

  2. Cheryl says:

    Please keep voting for the Morden Corn & Apple Festival. We ROCK!

  3. Jordan Krost says:

    If you think Trappers’ Festival is a Cinderella story, you’ve never been! It’s the best festival in Manitoba and the best Winter Festival in Canada! We run on the backs of the volunteers and local businesses who put Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival together without the financial assistance that other festivals down south are lucky to receive. We just had our 69th consecutive and 100th overall and Kirsten, if you really want to Travel Manitoba we’ll have a VIP pass ready and look forward to seeing you in The Pas Feb. 15-19, 2017 for the 70th anniversary!

  4. Josephine Lloyd says:

    Your post is confusing to me…there is no function that allows me to vote for Fire and Water Festival in the final four…Only Trappers and Morden seem to be available with no tool to reach other pages.
    Anyway…I vote for Fire&Water.

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