Festival Madness - Sweet Sixteen

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Festival Madness – Sweet Sixteen

Well, the first round of voting in Festival Madness saw a lot of ups and downs…

The Corn & Apple, Fringe and Voyageur easily won their pairings, but there were many others in tight races right until the bitter end. The Icelandic saw defeat on a last minute MUSH! by those feisty Trappers, the Threshermen are now running with pitchforks for losing by a straw (1.6%!) to the York Boats, and Rainbow Trout was left reeling after coming *this close* to winning against the mighty Countryfest (the trout held the lead for quite awhile early on).

And the biggest upset came from Fire & Water. They took an early lead against Folk Fest and never let go. Are we looking at this year’s Cinderella Story? 🔥

In all seriousness, our festivals are not only fun events where we can sing, dance and play. For many of us, they are a way to connect with one another and celebrate our many cultures and talents. We aren’t just voting for the popular, we’re voting for the one that means the most to us. That event that puts a smile on our face whenever we think about it. It could be because it’s the place we met new friends (and future partners), or created the craziest memories, or it could even be because that’s the one event that reminds us how amazing and welcoming this province is. I know some of you will not be a fan of your favourites falling to another, but no matter where it ends up in the competition, it will always be #1 in your heart. 💛

cat typing furiously. Now, are you ready to vote for the Sweet Sixteen? Yes? Good. Vote now…

(Special thanks to Aboriginal Music Week for sharing this amazing gif with us last week. We’re sad to see you and your voting cat out of the comp.)

Festival Madness - Sweet Sixteen


This poll has been closed.

Folklorama vs. Trappers' Festival (The Pas)

This poll has been closed.

16 - Festival du Voyageur vs. Canada's National Ukrainian Festival (Dauphin)


This poll has been closed.

Rockin' the Fields of Minnedosa vs. Fire & Water (Lac du Bonnet)

This poll has been closed.

16 - Dauphin's Countryfest vs. Winnipeg International Jazz Festival


This poll has been closed.

16 - Royal Manitoba Winter Fair (Brandon) vs. Treaty & York Boat Days (Norway House)

This poll has been closed.

16 - Morden Corn & Apple Festival vs. Manitoba Stampede


This poll has been closed.

16 - Winnipeg Fringe Festival vs. St-Pierre-Jolys Frog Follies

This poll has been closed.

16 - Medieval Festival (Cooks Creek) vs. St. Laurent's Festival Manipogo

Come back to the blog tomorrow (March 22) to see the results of the SWEET SIXTEEN and start voting on the ELITE EIGHT.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Morden Corn & Apple Festival all the way

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