Bison. Surprising Discoveries of Manitoba

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Manitoba will surprise you

Nature has hidden some of its most amazing achievements in Manitoba. Many have been uncovered, but some are still waiting to be found.

Get up close to the beasts of the great plains.

Surprising Discoveries: Bison

Paddle through solid rock chiseled away by water.

Surprising Discoveries: Paddling

Dig for ancient sea creatures buried thousands of miles from the ocean.

Surprising Discoveries: Digs with the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

See the ground beneath your feet come alive.

Surprising Discoveries: Narcisse Snake Dens

Your pulse will quicken when you see what’s in store for curious minds.

Surprising Discoveries: Polar bears

So come let us surprise you…

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4 Responses to Manitoba will surprise you

  1. Jan/Mel Creyke says:

    Kirsten great job as trans planted Tobans we really enjoy Ur blog and travel Man. Both of our family’s are in Manitoba or west of Wpg if it wasn’t for our two girls(both born PlaP Man.) and the grand kids calling the Ottawa Valley home I think we would have returned to retire.We do try get back as much as possible anyway please keep up the good work .Y/T “M/J”

    • Kirsten says:

      Hi Jan and Mel! Thanks for sharing such kind comments with us. We love creating and sharing content about Manitoba and these kind of comments just make our day. Have a fab summer!

  2. marie says:

    Hi Kirsten,
    Travel Manitoba needs to be commended for the amazing media presentations you and others are creating! I use them in my ESL classes to invite my new immigrant students to explore this part of their new home in Canada rather than spend their vacations in Toronto or Vancouver. We have so much to offer for so many different tastes.
    Thanks for showing it off so beautifully,

    • Kirsten says:

      Hi Marie,

      Thanks so much for your kind compliments! Our team loves creating content about the best province in Canada and it absolutely makes our day when we get feedback like yours. We hope your students enjoy their travels in their new home this summer!


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