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Provincial Park Madness – sweet sixteen!

What a match, what a match indeed! The first round in Provincial Park Madness saw a number of upsets; but none so giant as the smashing defeat of St. Ambroise Beach by Hecla/Grindstone 💔. Don’t worry St. Ambroise – they don’t even know how amazing you are for bird watching, or that your shallow waters and sandbars serve as a natural playground. Their loss.

This round is guaranteed to be even more intense, with the rolling woodland, wetlands and valley meadows of Duck Mountain taking on the aquamarine shores (with a certain creature beneath its depths) of Manipogo. The Devil’s Punch Bowl of Spruce Woods will attempt to take down the ever-popular Turtle Mountain, but frankly, I’m not sure I would want to mess with the enthusiastic mountain bikers who call this park home.

To the East, the Manigotagan will defend (with prickly pear cactus, an excellent tactic) against the shield country of Nopiming, while the behemoth Pinawa Dam will take on the wise and ancient Whiteshell (with human presence traced back at least 8000 years).

Meanwhile, the North will undertake a battle all of its own as two giants go head to head. We’re calling it: The numbers between Bakers Narrows and Clearwater Lake are going to be a close call. And having narrowly avoided the grasps of Paint Lake, will Pisew Falls be able to defeat the waters of Wekusko Falls? Only time will tell.

Finally, we look central as Grand Beach and Birds Hill go head to head (watch out – Grand Beach seems to have very passionate fans). It’s going to be a total beach-off. Hecla/Grindstone will attempt to secure a spot in the elite eight, but Winnipeg Beach might have something else in mind entirely. Remember, the winning park will receive a free promotional video courtesy of Travel Manitoba, so vote wisely!

Ready to vote on the sweet sixteen? You have all weekend – so here we go!

Provincial Parks Madness

Western Parks

This poll has been closed.

Duck Mountain vs Manipogo

This poll has been closed.

Spruce Woods vs Turtle Mountain

Eastern Parks

This poll has been closed.

Nopiming vs Manigotagan

This poll has been closed.

Pinawa Dam vs Whiteshell

Northern Parks

This poll has been closed.

Bakers Narrows vs Clearwater Lake

This poll has been closed.

Pisew Falls vs Wekusko Falls

Central Parks

This poll has been closed.

Grand Beach vs Birds Hill

This poll has been closed.

Hecla/Grindstone vs Winnipeg Beach

Come back to the blog on March 21 to see the results of the SWEET SIXTEEN and start voting on the ELITE EIGHT.

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7 Responses to Provincial Park Madness – sweet sixteen!

  1. Nicole says:

    Whiteshell Provincial Park is the jewel of my crown!!!! My favourite place in the world.

  2. Brenda says:

    Love Grand Beach

  3. Donna Harding says:


  4. Wendi Foreman says:

    Grand Beach #1

  5. Wendi Foreman says:

    Make. It beautiful Grand!!

  6. Anna says:

    I encourage everyone to enjoy the excellent interpretive program and extensive trail system at Spruce Woods Provincial Park. Zed lake provincial park provides a very remote and unique camping experience which is sadly underutilized. The fishing is fabulous.

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