Provincial Park Madness

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Provincial Park Madness – final four!

In a dramatic turn of events, our final four have revealed themselves at last – and now it’s an all-out brawl between the regions of the province. Duck Mountain succumb to its brethren Spruce Woods, while Whiteshell barely flinched as it kicked Nopiming to the curb (ouch). Pisew Falls met a similar fate as Clearwater Lake took a crystal clear lead from the get-go, while Hecla/Grindstone met a tragic end as the die-hard Grand Beach enthusiasts pulled out all the stops.

Now in the penultimate round:

Will the North be able to overcome the West, with the dazzling waters of Clearwater Lake taking on the sandy dunes of Spruce Woods?

Will the Grand Beach loyalists be able to hold their own against the behemoth Whiteshell?

All this will be revealed in due time – so get your votes in before the night is through!

Provincial Park Madness

Final Four

West vs North

This poll has been closed.

Spruce Woods vs Clearwater Lake

East vs Central

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Whiteshell vs Grand Beach

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8 Responses to Provincial Park Madness – final four!

  1. Judy Fenez says:

    Definitely Grand Beach; most beautiful beach!

  2. ,marilynn says:

    Can’t beat the Beautiful Whirteshell

  3. John Scollan says:

    West Hawk Lake is definitely the spot to visit. Great campground, restaurants close to the beach, new roads and best of all…….the most friendly people.

  4. Lynn Ledyard-Biyce says:

    Love the Whiteshell! So much to offer! West Hawk! Falcon Lake!!❤

  5. Anna says:

    Spruce Woods has the best interpretive program in the province!

  6. Pazz says:

    Purple Sand beach baby

    • Cheryl Tymchak says:

      Grand beach is the best place to sun and play with your family. Miles and miles of beach. Amazing sands. Lots of history. A pick for the best beach. West beach was damaged pretty bad , after a storm went through, new broad walk, but is starting to get better. The rest of the beach is amazing unchanged. Best beach in Canada by far.

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