Provincial Park Madness

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Provincial Park Madness – elite eight!

Who’s idea was it to start the week with so much anticipation? We were on the edge of our seats yesterday as the Park Madness battle continued. The race was neck and neck between some of the most stunning parks in the province. The white sands of Grand Beach narrowly beat out the ever-popular site of Folk Festival, Birds Hill, while a similarly tight race between Hecla/Grindstone and Winnipeg Beach pit lighthouse against water tower; the former of which came out victorious.

So what now? It’s time to make hard decisions in order to determine which Park comes out on top for their division. In the West: will you choose the highest point in Manitoba at Duck Mountain, or the Spirit Sands of Spruce Woods? To the East, it will be a battle of only the most passionate cabin-goers as Nopiming takes on Whiteshell. As we look north, we expect a close race between the shimmering waters of Clearwater Lake and the home of Manitoba’s highest falls, Pisew Falls. Finally, in the Central division, the seemingly unstoppable Grand Beach will take on the islands of Hecla/Grindstone.

Vote as soon you can – round 4 starts tomorrow!

Provincial Park Madness

Western Parks

This poll has been closed.

Duck Mountain vs Spruce Woods

Eastern Parks

This poll has been closed.

Nopiming vs Whiteshell

Northern Parks

This poll has been closed.

Clearwater Lake vs Pisew Falls

Central Parks

This poll has been closed.

Grand Beach vs Hecla/Grindstone

Come back to the blog on March 22 to see the results of the ELITE EIGHT and start voting on the FINAL FOUR.

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